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What is bmi? What does it mean and how to caculate bmi?

Author: Tiffany Doan
Category: Weight Issues

You have heard about BMI but you actually do not understand clearly about it and also do not know how to calculate your BMI. Look at this article to have more information regarding to BMI BMI and its meaning

1. What is BMI? BMI stands for Body Mass Index.
This body mass index is commonly used in the field of health and nutrients. We can identify our body status through BMI, it will indicate whether we are too skinny, normal or overweight or obese. Normally, doctors calculate BMI to determine someone’s obesity level.

2. What does BMI mean?
Based on the BMI, you can manage the body weight to adjust it be well-proportioned with your height, combine with exercise to get a slim and toned body.

Besides that, thanks to BMI you may know your health status whether it is normal or not or has risks of serious diseases. According to a healthy survey in UK, most of adults are obese. We all know that this condition may have risks of many serious diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke and cancer. In addition, there are also many other diseases relating to overweight and obesity as arthritis, depression, egocentric, stress.

3.The cons of BMI Cannot calculate the fat content in the body while it is a major factor leading to the risks of serious health issues.

BMI will not accurate for some people such as bodybuilders or athletes (then the body mass index will only be at fat or very fat level cause the muscle packs are always heavier than fat pads), or pregnant, breastfeeding women or people have just recovered from illness. BMI calculator formula) BMI = (your weight)/ (your height * your height) NOTE: The unit of body weight are “kilograms” and “pounds” The unit of the height are “ft” and “meters” If your BMI 40: very fat (obesity) Based on the above BMI calculation, you can calculate and evaluate your body mass index to know whether it meets the standard or not yet.

Then you would plan a nutrient dietary as well as do appropriate exercise for yourself. Besides BMI calculation, people also propose a formula to calculate the ratio between waist and hip to determine the accurate excess fat. Thereby we may know the body mass index, and then early recognize the risks of myocardial infarction. Let measure your waist and hip while wearing nothing.

Then take the waist divides the hip to get waist-hip ratio. It is not a good result if this ratio is over 1 for men or over 0.8 for women. It indicates that you are easy to have risks of cardiovascular diseases. You can visit to check your BMI easily and simply.

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